Lean Leader  SWE Burnie Tasmania

This unique mini automated production line, located within the newly established Tasmanian Manufacturing Centre of Excellence in Burnie, allows for the intensive training of lean tools and thinking. Engaged participants report immediate change in the way they view their work.

This three-day learning experience is an excellent example of how through standard work, teamwork, communication and collaboration a team can become significantly more productive and cost effective whilst improving quality and identifying and reducing safety issues. This hands-on, interactive session can be transferred to all work environments and covers the following:

• Team Building
• Communication
• Planning
• Team Collaboration
• Leading Effective Teams
• Continuous Improvement (Lean methodologies including 5S)
• Visual Management

Day 1 Learn the basics of Lean and prepare for the SWE Day 2 Participate in the Simulated Work Environment Day 3 Reflective learning and Industry Tour

Participants learn to remove waste from any process, improving quality, reducing safety incidents and costs and improving productivity. This is a great team building experience, which also strengthens communication and team collaboration. This training can provide formal recognition of the following competencies, which will contribute to qualifications in Competitive Systems and Practices.

Units of Competency:
MSS403014 Facilitate Team Engagement with Competitive Systems and Practices
MSS403081 Ensure Process Improvements are sustained
MSS403026 Work within a constrained process

Full cost is $2100.  Eligible businesses will be offered the opportunity for subsidies through Skills Tasmania.

Watch on YouTube: About the Lean Leader SWE

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