MSS40322 Certificate IV in
Competitive Systems and Practices

This qualification is designed for team leaders or those in similar job roles that are responsible for the implementation of competitive systems and practices in the work of a team or in a work area.

This qualification provides the skills and knowledge required by a team leader or other person to implement competitive systems and practices in the work of a team or work group, or by a specialist in competitive systems and practices. This qualification provides the skills needed to improve efficiency in a team or work area as well as in a person’s own work role through the implementation of competitive systems and practices. It complements but does not duplicate qualifications supplying operational, production, maintenance, logistics or other technical skills to industry and is usually delivered face to face one day per month for 6 months. Due to new COVID 19 restrictions this training is also available by distance (Microsoft Teams) delivered in shorter sessions per fortnight. Full cost is $5'250. Eligable businesses will be offered the opportuntiy for subsidies throught Skills Tasmania. 

The 12 units covered are as follows:

MSMWHS200 Work safely
MSS403003 Contribute to improvements in competitive systems and practices
MSS403012 Facilitate change in a competitive systems and practices environment
MSS403057 Map an Operational Process
MSS403008 Facilitate use of a Balanced Scorecard for performance improvement
MSS405078 Lead and manage people within competitive systems and practices
MSS403045 Facilitate and improve 5S
MSMENV472 Implement and monitor environmentally sustainable work practices
MSS403037 Implement the visual workplace
MSS403059 Facilitate continuous improvement through the use of standardised procedures and practices
MSS404051 Mistake proof a process
MSS402084 Undertake Root Cause Analysis
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