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Here is all the information you will need about obtaining a qualification in Competitive Systems and Practices (Lean) in our well supported learning environments.

Much of our training is delivered in conjunction with your employer. For Lean practices to be most effective in the workplace it needs your entire team on board. Our trainers will gladly talk to your employer about how to make a difference in your businesses productivity. Use the Contact page to start the conversation about improving your qualifications and your company's bottom line.

If your business is eligable for Skills Tasmania Skills Fund subsidies https://www.skills.tas.gov.au/employers/training/funding_programs_for_employers_and_industry  There are some eligability restrictions for Visa holders. 

you will be required to make a Co-Contribution dependant on the size or structure of your business. Below are the Co-Contribution rates:

Skills Fund :

Government Business Enterprises, State Owned Companies & Local Government 60 per cent contribution

> 1000 FTEs -  50 per cent contribution

200-999 FTEs -  30 per cent contribution

20-199 FTEs -  20 per cent contribution

1-19 staff FTEs -  10 per cent contribution

For Not-for-profit organisations who have an FTE >1000, the contribution rate is 30 per cent.

All State and Australian Government Departments are not eligible for the Skills Fund.


Apprentice and Trainee Training Fund (User Choice)

MSS30316 Certificate III in Competitive Systems and Practices 


MSS40316 Certificate IV in Competitive Systems and Practices 


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